Bianca Iris is a self- taught, Intuitive Artist based out of Hudson Valley, NY.

What is Intuitive Art? 


Intuitive art is a spiritual, connected art process that allows the art to lead the way as images form through the layers of paint and a variety of other media. 

Intuitive art is a process of creating art using an inner awareness that is heart centered and does not rely on analysis or head-based questions.

Bianca finds herself most inspired by organic forms found in nature, where she can study the balance of chaos and control. She reflects this contrast in her E-motion [energy in motion] fluid art paintings. She often uses materials found in nature; such as crystals, seaglass, sand, crushed stone, and dried flowers to bring the natural calming and healing effects of the Earth into her artwork.



 Acrylic & Gouache Paints

Gold, Silver & Copper Leaf

Graphite & Charcoal Pencils

 Illustration Markers


Instagram: @biancairis